PETFORM (Petroleum Platform Association) was established on 15th September 2000 by the pioneering domestic and foreign companies actively operating in the exploration, production, processing, storage, transmission and refinery of the crude oil and natural gas as well as import, distribution and sales of natural gas. PETFORM has played a crucial role since its establishment in the transfer of private sector concerns to the authorized public institutions in all legislations Turkey requires in the energy sector and has actively participated in the development of the relevant legislation the energy market needed, most significantly the Natural Gas Market Law and Turkish Petroleum Law.


There are two working groups under the Board of Directors of the Association, which aims to integrate the expectations of all members in a melting pot, following a transparent and participatory management:

  • E&P Group
  • Gas Group


E&P Group is a technical working group which focuses on solutions to the problems of the companies operating in Turkey and abroad in crude oil and natural gas exploration and production; while Gas Group is a technical working group which offers solutions to the problems of companies operating in natural gas import, distribution and sales activities. Decisions made in regular group meetings are implemented in accordance with the approval of the Board of Directors. Board of Directors pays official visits to the authorized public and private institutions and organizations when convenient to share opinions concerning the developments in oil and natural gas market and submits reports developed by the working groups.


Also, various activities are held such as ‘Shippers Forum’, ‘PETFORM Panels’ and ‘PETFORM Cocktails’ organizations, to gather public and private sector representatives, and a comprehensive communication strategy is adopted inclusive of all media and press organs, most notably the energy media.